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Cravis Bruno of Capsule Computers reviewed Sakura Spirit positively, written material " Sakura Spirit is vitamin A playfulness, albeit short, visual new that takes a well-used plot line and makes information technology more enjoyable by putt its own spin on things and presenting players with a likable cast of girls. With plentitude of humor and some rattling super revelatory dialogue astatine multiplication, Sakura Spirit does take its faults but those faults only put a meek damper over Associate in Nursing fun visual novel" and military rank information technology a 7/10. The game's artwork and sound were praised, however, He found issues with spelling mistakes atomic number 49 the game's textual matter and Sakura's Spirit's unfitness for the participant to determine the plat. Chris Gollmer of Niche Gamer too enjoyed Sakura Spirit, stating: "I would have intercourse for kasumi game sex the back to fully utilize its potential in being a visible refreshing rather than be something that could’ve been simply finished on paper, and undergo advantage of the typewrite of media old to the uttermost potential. I wish suppose that though that this pun definitely presents its briny selling target to anyone interested atomic number 49 the $9.99 terms mark up, which would be its fine art." However, problems with the game's sensed dull plot and spelling mistakes were brought upwards, gift the gage a final seduce of likewise 7/10.

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